Santa is Dead

Santa is Dead


Father Christmas, Sinterklaas, and Jolly Old St. Nick have been conflated into something new, something uniquely American. Stolen from a myriad of cultures, devoid of anything but ruthless optimism and joy, half remembered bits of Germanic mythos converge into a new being.

Small miracles spawn in the wake of a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer. Small bright bits of kindness, remembering only the giver of winter... forgiving and forgetting the terrible toll of December, the devouring form of midwinter, the savage joy of pursuit, the destroyer, the Hunter...

Such a travesty, this laughing New World oaf.

It cannot be abided.

Wodan Rides.


Santa is Dead is a Old School adventure filled with holiday dread. It will take to you from the sleepy town Standinstone to Chestnut, a sleepy town where something is definitely amiss. All proceeds from this adventure will be donated to the Ehlers-Danlos Society.

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