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Starting in February 2017, we will be managing a Patreon campaign to fund and release micro products created by artist D.L. Johnson and writer Evey Lockhart (both of whom worked on our first product release, "Santa is Dead"). The way the Patreon works, Evey has to provide David with 3 words. Dave then draws a picture based on those words and sends it to Evey, and then Evey writes and releases a gameable product based on Dave's artwork. It could be a new monster, an encounter, a one-page dungeon, or something else entirely that's gameable and ready to use. For as low as $.50 per creation (the equivalent of pledging $1.00 per month), patrons will receive 2 micro products each month.

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Creating original tabletop games and comics.

That's the mission. At In Search of Games, our focus is on creating original content. We want to make games that are fun, but also original. We want our products to stand out from what other people are doing...move in new directions, try new things, and create an opportunity for players to tell amazingly rich and detailed stories. Our passion is woven into everything we create; from board games, to card games, to our biggest design effort: tabletop roleplaying games. If you're familiar with games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Apocalypse World, then you know the kind of game products we're looking to produce. All of our games revolve around telling stories and having fun, and we believe there is no better medium than tabletop gaming to embrace that.

Well, almost no better medium. We also believe comic books are a great method of telling stories, and we see the potential for comics to bring our game products to life in new and interesting ways. Our games are about stories, and what better way to tell a story than through the visual medium of a comic book?

In addition to creating web comics and physical comics based on our own games, we are also partnering with other names in the game hobby industry to bring their unique titles to the visual storytelling medium. There will be more news to share on this in the future, but we are very excited by the partnerships we are forming.

We appreciate your visiting our website, and we look forward to introducing you to the various worlds and stories we're going to tell.

Slimestronauts on a lunar expedition. From A Ravaged World campaign setting.

Slimestronauts on a lunar expedition. From A Ravaged World campaign setting.

Mrush Explorers. From the upcoming Waste art and game book.

Mrush Explorers. From the upcoming Waste art and game book.

Your material is definitely very different. It’s impressively creative, though challenging for people like me with popular or traditional expectations.
— Robert Aronson

Why do people make stories about meeting in a tavern and going to a cave when this is possible?
— Nick Sunshine