‘Clues Name Hunt’ Game For Picnics Or Corporate Occasions

Are you currently presently presently thinking concerning how to make new buddies and to keep group’s stamina high with the travel? The options for activities during this set-up are extremely restricted to some age-old games. This information is unquestionably the initial within the quantity of three innovative on-the-move clues search games, perfect for school picnics or corporate team development occasions.


There’s a college picnic or corporate team development event and are intending to pick a four hrs trip on bus. Are you currently presently presently thinking concerning how to make new buddies and group’s stamina high with the travel? Numerous ‘We have performed farmville before’ type of games may be performed during this set-up. If you want to design an entirely new game then continue studying…



Make a list of names of couple of people which are often onboard or shown to everyone else

Choose the Clues search game duration. Assume about three or four minutes per clue and ten mins for game instructions and-up. To determine the sport to begin with hour, you have to create about 12 to fifteen clues

Shortlist names for creating clues

Create and Print Clue cards

The easiest method to Play

Game Set-up

Divide everyone else in groups of 4 or 5 people each. Use fun qualifying qualifying qualifying criterion to pick they leads, like latest joinee within the group, most funny dress-up, one that is putting on white-colored-colored-colored socks, the one that loves most his family (Ask to exhibit that). Fantasy to produce more creative & fun ideas. Ask they-results in name their teams.

Instructions for teams

Each team could possibly get one clue and maximum three chances to resolve that clue. They could get 100, 50 or 25 points after they solve it in first, second or 3rd guess. Or no team can’t crack the clue then it’s passed to next teams. Or few other team solves it they’re awarded 30 points.

Begin Fun

Let’s focus on individuals who’ve four teams so you had produced 16 clues. Provide the initial clue for that team leader and offer them three chances to understand the specific area of the clue. They have to solve the clue with-in three minutes. Follow this for other teams. Keep awarding precisely what and also the record. When all of the clues are solved announce the winning team.


Create several clue for the same name, it’s generally unlikely using the group.

Handover their list of names present across the bus to everyone teams and inform clue may be for virtually any one with this particular list and from doorways their list also simply to build-inside the fun and interest.

Mix some easy and simple , some complex clues to help keep the interest levels high for every team.