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Who We Are



Christopher Mennell

An avid fan of roleplaying games, Christopher Mennell has been blogging for years about them at thesecretdm.com. He's also spent a lot of time talking about RPGs on Google+ and via his Secret DM facebook page. In that time he's become friends with a number of people in the industry, and finally decided it was time to set out on his own, creating and producing the kind of content he loves: weird science fantasy, gonzo like settings, and other quirky types of games that aren't the norm. Recently Chris launched ideadumpbox.com as a means of sharing some of his ideas that he hopes to eventually turn into game products released by In Search of Games.

Chris comes from a business background where he has managed a jewelry store for 10+ years. His focus on finding and developing diverse talent is one of the core strengths he brings to ISoG. He also has a passion for helping people, and he hopes that ISoG can help find and develop new and rising stars for the game design industry as a whole.



(To Be Determined)

Ariana Ramos

Ariana Ramos kicks ass. She's written for a number of gaming projects, including Witch: Fated Souls and was also the writer for the first comic property in development by In Search of Games, being illustrated by DL Johnson. Her hard work and determination are only outshined by her patience to work with Chris, whose constant distractions and enthusiasm for new projects have kept her stress levels maxed out as she attempts to reel him in and keep him focused on one thing at a time. She believes in what ISoG can develop and the positive impact the company can have on the gaming industry.

(Note that we are waiting on Alexandra De Clerck to finish Ari's avatar to match Necromenty, the Kid Villain Explorer, and one of ISoG's mascots.)